Month: June 2013

Injuries Caused By Falling Objects and Construction Debris

Earlier this year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ordered aninvestigation into an accident at the World Trade Center site that led to the hospitalization of a 48-year-old carpenter. The man, employed by a large New York City construction company, was injured by a falling steel plate that broke his leg and caused multiple fractures to his body. Continue reading “Injuries Caused By Falling Objects and Construction Debris”

Residential and Commercial Landlord Negligence

Everyone has a right to live and work in a safe environment and for over 2 millionrenters in New York City much of the responsibility for adequate conditions lies with a landlord or property manager. Tenants and guests of both residential and commercial premises are protected by several state and New York City laws, from rent regulations to the Attorney General’s Tenants’ Rights Guide. These laws mandate that property must be fit to live in with no conditions that threaten tenants’ health or safety Continue reading “Residential and Commercial Landlord Negligence”

Pedestrians & Bicyclists Injured by East Village Driver

Manhattan’s East Village was the scene of an auto accident in front of a Bodega that caused severe personal injuries and the driver of the vehicle in police custody. According to a New York Times article eight people were injured, three of them with life-threatening injuries. The accident also caused property damage to the storefront  and street. Continue reading “Pedestrians & Bicyclists Injured by East Village Driver”