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At Okun, Oddo & Babat, we understand that contacting a lawyer is not always done under the best of circumstances and at times, can be overwhelming. We understand that one of the most important choices you will make is selecting the right lawyer for your case. We pledge to treat our clients and their cases with the respect and professionalism they deserve.

At Okun, Oddo & Babat, we provide attentive, personal service. Your phone calls and e-mails will get our attention and someone will always be available to discuss the status of your case.

Including a former Assistant District Attorney, our firm has seven attorneys, having more than 100 years combined experience. We are known for our integrity, experience, aggressiveness and creativity as well as our history of successful case results. Our multi-lingual staff of para-professionals (English, Spanish, French, Russian and Italian) is available to attend to our clients needs.

We provide legal representation in the Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk County.

Car accident on a highway

Car Accident Lawyer New York, NY

If you’ve been injured by another driver in a car wreck, a personal injury claim may help you recover money damages cover expenses and losses.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer New York, NY

Medical malpractice may occur when a health care provider fails to provide the quality medical care and treatment we expect in our community

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medical malpractice lawyer New York NY

Nursing Home Lawyer New York, NY

Nursing home providers have a duty to properly care for their patients and to help maintain their quality of life. Neglect can occur and harm the patient physically, emotionally and psychologically. When this happens, the victim may have the right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

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American doctor talking to senior couple in surgery

Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices

At Okun, Oddo & Babat, we are experienced in prescription drug litigation and pay careful attention to dangerous drug recalls. We make every effort to alert our clients to these dangers. Some of these drugs may be popular over- the -counter medications, or prescription drugs for specific ailments.

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housemaid had accident at work while cleaning floor in hotel room. Side view, low angle

Premises Liability Lawyer New York, NY

Obermayer attorneys regularly work for financial institutions located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

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Car accident on a highway

Auto Accident Lawyer New York NY

We represent clients injured in accidents involving single and multi car collisions, trucks, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, trains, buses and all other motor vehicle accidents. Whether your injuries were caused by simple negligence, drunk driving or an auto defect, we can help.

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Negligence Personal Injury Lawyer New York, NY

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer with the experience and commitment to pursue the maximum recovery you legally deserve for your serious injuries or the loss of a loved one, you can rely on us at the law firm Okun, Oddo & Babat.

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Gavel, handcuffs and
book on law on beige background

Criminal Defense Lawyer New York, NY

If someone you care about been charged with a felony, misdemeanor or other violation or charge, you need experienced legal representation. Criminal Defense includes assault and battery, DWI/DUI, false arrest charges, identity theft and fraud, white collar crimes, burglary, and drug possession.

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Judge using gavel in court, close-up

Commercial Litigation Lawyer New York, NY

If you are involved in a business dispute you need aggressive business contract attorneys at your side. At Okun, Oddo & Babat, we bring years of experience in the areas of business and contract litigation to your situation. We can effectively represent your business interests and negotiate a favorable resolution, obtain injunctive relief or if necessary, pursue your interests at trial.

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