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What are common examples of medical malpractice mistakes?

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Medical mistakes are all too common, unfortunately. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer or pay for the costs associated with a professional medical provider when they are irresponsible or negligent. If you’re wondering whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit, talk to a medical malpractice lawyer New York, NY victims choose from Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. Here are three common examples of medical malpractice mistakes.

  1. Misdiagnosis of a medical condition. Doctors are not expected to get it right every time, however, in some instances a physician should be able to interpret obvious clues or rule out causes after a series of tests or treatments. The key criteria is that the physician made a mistake or did something different than what most doctors would have done under the same circumstances.
    1. If a medical malpractice lawyer in New York, NY can prove the doctor should have determined the cause but didn’t, and as a result the patient suffered avoidable and serious harm due to the wrong treatment, there may be grounds for a lawsuit.
    2. If the misdiagnosis delayed treatment and the patient suffered serious harm when the diagnosis should have been straightforward, there may be grounds for a lawsuit.
  2. Injury to mother or child during childbirth. It may be a surprise to many that deaths during childbirth still occur in this day and age. This type of case is all too familiar to the average medical malpractice lawyer New York, NY offers. Sometimes it’s because the doctor made an avoidable mistake. In other cases where there was no fatality, the baby and/or the mother suffers a serious injury due to the doctor’s negligence. Also, when complications arise, the doctor is expected to respond in a timely manner and with a reasonable amount of care. When the physician neglects to correctly diagnose a problem, identify issues such as an ectopic pregnancy, serious injuries can result, including:
    1. Seizure disorder due to a brain injury
    2. Cerebral palsy due to a brain injury
    3. Partial or full paralysis
    4. Fractured bones
  3. Medication-related error. This is not always due to the doctor making a mistake as it can happen anywhere from the time the prescription is written to when the pharmacy fills it. When you hire a medical malpractice lawyer New York, NY recommends, they will need to determine exactly where the breakdown occurred as there are many common scenarios:
    1. The doctor may note the wrong dosage amount. Too little and the medication may not be able to do its job. Too much and you may experience serious side effects or worse.
    2. The doctor may prescribe a medication you are extremely allergic to. If you are allergic to a particular type of medication and your doctor was informed of this and yet still prescribed it to you, it could be grounds for a lawsuit. Though his or her attorney might argue that you had the responsibility to pay attention to what you were ingesting, the truth is that the same medication can go by several different names and you may not have recognized the alternate name.
    3. The doctor may note the wrong type of medication for treating your condition. In this scenario, the wrong type may not only treat your initial problem but it can cause an additional one if you experience severe side effects as a result. Severe side effects can range from death to coma to suicidal thoughts.

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