New York Elevator Accident Lawyer

New York Elevator Accident LawyerIf you were injured in an elevator accident, you may want to consult with a local New York elevator accident lawyer. At Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C., we have helped many individuals like yourself get compensated for their injuries. We offer free case evaluations, so you have nothing to lose by speaking to us.

Common Causes of Elevator Accidents

When elevators are not properly maintained and repaired, they are more likely to break down and cause accidents. People can get severely injured and even killed in these accidents, as an elevator accident lawyer in New York can attest. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of elevator accidents:

Excessive Speed: If an elevator moves too quickly, passengers can get thrown against the walls or to the floor and suffer injuries to the knees, arms, head, and other body parts. Mis-leveling: A New York elevator accident lawyer may have also seen elevator accidents caused by mis-leveling. This is when the elevator does not come to a stop that is level with the hallway floor. Mis-leveling can occur if there are issues with valve leakage and low oil conditions.

Falls Into Shafts: Some elevator accidents occurs when passengers fall into elevator shafts. These accidents can be caused by defective door interlocks, elevator surfing, and illegally opening a shaftway door.

Defective Sliding Doors: Elevator passengers can also get struck by a closing elevator door and suffer injuries. These types of accidents are more likely to happen when door protective devices like detector edges and electric eyes have malfunctioned.

Who Is Liable in Elevator Accidents?

A number of different parties may be held liable in an elevator accident, as a New York elevator accident lawyer can confirm. For instance, if the elevator malfunctioned because of a manufacturing defect, the manufacturer may be held responsible. If the accident was caused by poor maintenance, the parties responsible for maintenance might be held liable.

Damages Available in Elevator Accident Lawsuits

Just like other types of personal injury cases, there are a variety of damages available in elevator accident lawsuits, including:

  • Medical Bills: All the medical costs, such as doctor’s visits and surgeries, that resulted from your elevator accident may be covered in your claim.
  • Lost Wages: If you have to take time off work because of your injuries from the elevator accident, you may be able to recover compensation for lost wages. If your injuries prevent you from returning to work in the future, your New York elevator accident lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for future loss of earnings.
  • Pain and Suffering: You may be able to claim pain and suffering damages if your injuries have caused you long-term emotional or physical suffering.

Elevator accidents are not as common as other types of accidents, but when they do occur, the results can be catastrophic. If you or someone you love was injured in an elevator accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To schedule your free case evaluation with a trusted New York elevator accident lawyer, contact Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. at 212-642-0950.