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bike accident lawyer New York, NYWhen you need a bike accident lawyer New York, NY cyclists trust, call Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. We have built a solid reputation for helping victims and their loved ones get justice. Guided by over 30 years of legal experience and a tenacious zeal for our profession, the lawyers of our firm enthusiastically and aggressively pursue each case with an open mind and a firm will to get results. If you are ready to speak with a New York bike accident lawyer, call Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C.

Why Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C

Finding the right bike accident lawyer in New York, NY can take time because there are hundreds of firms to choose from. Due to the complex nature of these cases, it is advisable to work with a firm who handles bike accidents and personal injuries. Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C has seven lawyers and over 100 years of combined experience in civil litigation. People from all over New York come to us because we offer:

  • A multilingual staff of paraprofessionals who speak English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian;
  • Efficiency and professionalism;
  • Honest and trustworthy legal advice;
  • Attentive, personalized service;
  • Frequent communication; and
  • Aggressive, supportive representation

The majority of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not have to pay anything unless we settle. If you would like to speak with a bike accident lawyer New York, NY trusts, please reach out to us today. What You Should Know If You Get In A Bike Accident.

Common Bike Accident Claims

In New York, cyclists often have to share the road with fast cars and trucks. Although the cycling laws have improved over the last few decades, the activity can be risky. A bike accident lawyer New York, NY families rely on might tell you that no two cases are the same. While this is true, there are often similarities such as the cause or reason for the accident. They are as follows:

  • A motorist hitting the cyclist from the rear end;
  • Sideswiping the cyclist;
  • Opening the door on a cyclist passing by;
  • Motorist turning right in front of a cyclist on the shoulder;
  • Motorist turning left in front of an oncoming cyclist;
  • Motorist driving in the designated bike lane;
  • Defective bike part; and
  • Road obstacle (i.e. fallen power line, pothole, etc).

A bike accident lawyer in New York, NY can listen to what you have to say during a consultation. If you have any photographic evidence of the scene and injuries, police reports, medical records, and witness contact details, you should bring these with you to your appointment. A lawyer may have access to a wide range of resources and be able to further investigate your claim. This can assist in building a strong defense, which if needed, can be used in a trial by jury. Generally, settlements are reached through court negotiations.

A bike accident lawyer New York, NY provides to injured cyclists might seek damages for:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain;
  • Suffering;
  • Wrongful death; and
  • Punitive damages (*when applicable).

Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. Is There When NY Cyclists Need them Most

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a bike accident lawyer New York, NY can count on, please call Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. at 212-642-0950.

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