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Trucking Accident Lawyer New York NYA trucking accident lawyer New York NY clients trust knows that every day thousands of commercial trucks crowd the roads and highways throughout New York. These drivers are prudent to the functioning of society and people entrust them to drive safely. Although most trucks get from Point A to Point B while exercising due caution, some do not. When a truck accident happens, the result can be catastrophic.

Okun, Oddo & Babat assists people who have been injured in a collision with an 18-wheeler, trailer truck, construction truck, cargo truck, oil tanker, gas tanker, and more. Our firm is the legal voice for victims and family members who felt hopeless, alone, and confused. A NYC trucking accident lawyer understands the life alternating impact a truck accident can cause and diligently work to get justice. For a consultation with a trusted trucking accident lawyer New York NY families depend on, call 212-642-0950.

Commercial Truck Safety

Truck accidents are not the same as car accidents. They often involve unique safety issues, have different equipment, and maneuver about in a way that is not exactly the same as a car. Trucks also have blind spots, carry between 30,000 and 80,000 pounds, and require extra room to turn or change lanes. The federal government oversees most of the safety regulations with the state adding to them as officials see fit. With the right trucking accident lawyer New York NY residents recommend, you can feel confident in knowing he or she will understand all of the important safety regulations and procedures including:

  • Licensing
  • Rest periods/breaks
  • Drug testing
  • Liability insurance
  • Weight limits
  • Safety equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Driver training and driver hiring
  • Truck company safety reporting

A trucking accident lawyer in New York NY knows the awareness of these intricate rules can make a big difference in the discovery phase of a claim. If any of them are found to have been broken, all associated parties could be held liable.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Sometimes a truck accident is literally an accident, but in most cases, negligence or wrongdoing will be a factor. When this holds true, the driver, truck company, owner or lessor of the truck, and other parties might be held responsible. In our many years of practice we have handled all kinds of truck accident claims. Some of the causes included:

1. Driving too fast for the road or weather conditions – In general, the more miles a trucker drives, the more pay they will receive. In addition to this, companies might pressure the driver into fast deliveries. As a result a driver may go well above a safe speed on crowded roads, in the dark, or on ice.

2. Failure to check blind spots – Commercial trucks have significant blind spots that can cause a driver to completely miss the motorist to the side or behind the truck. Although a truck driver should use caution when changing lanes or turning, they might fail to do, so resulting in a crash.

3. Distracted Driving – As one of the leading causes of truck accidents, this occurs when a driver is on the phone, eating, or simply not paying attention to the road. Sometimes a truck accident will involve a third party (i.e. passenger car) who was distracted while driving. In this instance, a lawyer might seek damages from that party too.

Other causes of accidents include:

  • Overloaded trailer
  • Intoxication of drugs or alcohol
  • Fatigue
  • Faulty equipment

Call a Trucking Accident Lawyer New York NY Locals Turn To

We know that some companies will deploy rapid response teams in the wake of a truck accident. We understand that the driver or company may refuse to initially talk to us, and we are aware that these people might immediately deny your claim. We are prepared for all of this and more. Rest assured we will do our best to build a strong case that gets you the results you are hoping for. Call a trucking accident lawyer New York NY provides now at 212-642-0950.