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Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Lawyer Manhattan NYIn the legal world, financial abuse is known as material exploitation and financial exploitation. Financial abuse is illegally or improperly using someone else’s assets, funds, or property. Residents of nursing homes may be more likely to become victims of financial abuse when they are vulnerable to someone’s deception. Most of the time, nursing home residents are not aware of any financial abuse of their assets or finances. If you suspect your loved one is a victim of financial abuse from a member of their nursing home staff, you may want to contact a nursing home lawyer in Manhattan NY. Our lawyers at Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. have decades of experience protecting the rights of the most vulnerable members of society. A nursing home lawyer from our firm can ensure your loved one has a voice. We can hold the nursing home and their employee responsible for their actions. The resulting settlement can repay your loved one for their financial losses and possibly also for their emotional pain and suffering from the ordeal.

Examples of Financial Abuse
As a nursing home lawyer in Manhattan NY from Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. can tell you, financial abuse of nursing home residents is a widespread and serious issue. Some examples of financial abuse include:

  • Forging a resident’s signature for monetary gain.
  • Misusing or stealing a resident’s possessions or money.
  • Cashing a resident’s checks without authorization or permission.
  • Financial exploitation.
  • Improper use of power of attorney, conservatorship, or guardianship.
  • Coercing or deceiving a resident to sign documents such as a will or contract.

Signs of Financial Abuse
There may be warning signs if financial abuse is occurring and if noticed, consider contacting a nursing home lawyer in Manhattan NY immediately. Caregivers, friends, and families should be aware and alert of any changes that could indicate that financial abuse is occuring. The following are some of the most common warning signs of nursing home financial abuse:

  • The resident’s living conditions are below their resources.
  • Unexplained transfer of assets or money to someone else.
  • Sudden changes in the resident’s financial documents or will.
  • The resident suddenly does not want to talk about financial issues that were once routine.
  • The addition of names on the resident’s bank card.
  • Checks are frequently written to a different caregiver or financial professional.
  • The resident’s personal belongings are missing.
  • The resident’s signature is forged on financial transactions.

Ways to Prevent Financial Abuse
If your loved one is a nursing home resident, there are steps you can take to try to prevent financial abuse. It is important to know the warning signs of financial abuse so if something suspicious comes up, you are able to act fast by confronting the nursing home manager and contacting a nursing home lawyer in Manhattan NY. Some methods that may work to prevent financial abuse include:

  • Using direct deposits and automatic bill paying for your loved one.
  • Speak with financial institutions to inquire about suspicious activity.
  • Reduce your loved one’s isolation and be aware if a caregiver tries to isolate the resident.
  • Thoroughly check references and reviews of nursing homes before entering your loved one into that facility.

Get a Free Consultation
You may want to contact a nursing home lawyer in Manhattan NY if you suspect your loved one could be a victim of financial abuse. It is important to act as soon as you are suspicious. Our attorneys at Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. can help protect the rights of your loved one and take legal action against those responsible for harming them. Contact Okun, Oddo & Babat, P.C. today for a free consultation with a nursing home lawyer Manhattan NY families trust for guidance.