Recent Johns Hopkins Study Links Certain Brands of Beer to Emergency Room Visits

Recent Johns Hopkins Study

A New York Times article by Anahad O’Connor titled “Beers Implicated in Emergency Room Visits” addresses some questions raised by a new study at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore which narrows down the five beer brands consumed most often by patents who ended up in the emergency room due to their consumption. The article cites Budweiser, Steel Reserve, Colt 45, Bud Ice and Bud Light, three of which are malt liquors, and contain more alcohol than regular beer. While alcohol frequently plays a part in many emergency room visits – causing car-related accidents, falls, injuries, homicides, drownings, shootings and domestic violence – this new study examines the brands, their consumption and how this could potentially influence labeling requirements on certain beers. It is important to note that the study relies on data collected from one urban treatment center. The complete study was published by the journal of Substance Use and Misuse and is available online.